3rd International Festival of young performers of classical music among countries of Islamic world opens in Baku
24.04.2014 [19:51]
The third international festival of young performers (under 20) of classical music among the countries of the Islamic World has opened in Baku. The festival was co-organized by the support of ISESCO and the Ministries of Youth and Sport, Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and Baku Music Academy
“Kingdom” doll exhibition by Lada Repina opens in Baku
24.04.2014 [18:27]
The “Kingdom” exhibition by Lada Repina, the acclaimed young doll maker from Saint-Petersburg, has opened in Baku. 23 April 2014 was the first anniversary of the opening of “Kukla”, the first doll art gallery in Baku. The organizers have decided to time an exhibition of new works by Lada Repina
Shakespeare’s mile-high show
24.04.2014 [17:22]
London - Budget airline easyJet was on Wednesday marking the 450th anniversary of the birth of Britain's most famous playwright, William Shakespeare, with an onboard performance of his works at 11,000 metres.
“Capri Trend. Travelling photo exhibition from Capri – Italy” exhibition opens in Modern Art Museum
23.04.2014 [21:16]
The Museum of Modern Art will present an Italian exhibition “Capri Trend. Travelling photo exhibition from Capri – Italy” on April 26. The Capri Foundation is glad to announce the collaboration with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art in Baku
GUAM Secretariat holds meeting of Working Group on Culture and Tourism
23.04.2014 [12:06]
GUAM Secretariat hosted the 2nd Meeting of the Working Group on Culture and Tourism, which involved representatives of the relevant ministries and departments of GUAM member states, embassies and tourism agencies. Azerbaijan was represented by deputy minister of culture and tourism Nazim Samadov, counselor of the Embassy Nazim Aliyev and...
Dilara visits beloved neighbor-country: Georgia
21.04.2014 [11:43]
Next stop on Dilara Kazimova promotional tour is Georgia. On Tuesday, April 22th Azerbaijani entry to the Eurovision will visit her western neighbors. Dilara’s agenda includes appearances on TV and interviews with local media. Her day in Tbilisi will start with hit morning show at major TV Channel GPB, then she is scheduled to meet with radio...
First Lady of Nashville! Michelle Obama to guest star on the hit ABC drama alongside Connie Britton next month
21.04.2014 [11:38]
She has already made an appearance as herself on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation, in the fictional setting of Pawnee. But now, Michelle Obama, 50, is heading to Nashville, as it has been confirmed that the First Lady will be making a guest appearance on the ABC drama, starring Connie Britton. In the upcoming episode, Connie's character...
Turkish dance group Anadolu Atesi to perform in Baku
20.04.2014 [15:22]
Prominent Turkish dance group Anadolu Atesi (The Fire of Anatolia) will give a concert at the Heydar Aliyev Palace in Baku on June 6-8. Consisting of 120 dancers, several choreographers and other technical staff, the group has
American presents mugham at Washington University
20.04.2014 [11:56]
Jeffrey Werbock, the US`s famous mugham specialist made a presentation on the Azerbaijan`s mugham at the George Washington University. Addressing the student body, the musician spoke about his 40-year Azerbaijani mugham
Michael Bolton gives his first concert in Baku
19.04.2014 [22:15]
Renowned American singer-songwriter Michael Bolton has today performed at the Heydar Aliyev Center, his first solo concert in Baku. Highly recognized for his rock ballads all over the world, the artist performed his best hits to the Azerbaijani audience
Heydar Aliyev Center to host concert of famous violinist Itzhak Perlman
19.04.2014 [10:46]
Heydar Aliyev Center will host a concert of the world-famous violinist, winner of 15 Grammy and four Emmy awards Itzhak Perlman on April 28. The American musician of Jewish origin will perform for Baku audience accompanied by Rohan De Silva, a Sri Lankan pianist
Baku hosts Founding Meeting of Azerbaijan National Committee of ICOMOS
18.04.2014 [20:36]
Baku has hosted the Founding Meeting of the Azerbaijan National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). The meeting was attended by president of ICOMOS Gustavo Araoz
Azerbaijani movie to join Short Film Corner competition of Festival de Cannes
17.04.2014 [18:04]
Azerbaijani film "Sonuncu" (The Last One) directed by Sergei Pikalov has been included the competition program of short films of the 67th Cannes International Film Festival. For the first time the competition of "Short Film" features works by Azerbaijani and
Euronews airs report on Molokans living in Azerbaijan
17.04.2014 [15:47]
Euronews has broadcast a report on Molokans living in Azerbaijan’s Ivanovka village. The report was produced by journalist Galina Polonskaya. She says: “Ivanovka is a village that tastes like a dream. The Molokans treasure the past and take it into the future. Ivanovka is provided with natural gas. But still the first thing
Tribeca Film Festival opens its 13th edition
17.04.2014 [12:05]
When the Tribeca Film Festival opens its 13th edition on Wednesday, it will embrace a New York state of mind. The selection also marks a win for the Tribeca Film Institute, the festival`s nonprofit organization, which supports some 60 independent projects each year. Although it can
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