Oddly enough
3D-printed prosthetic leg helps Dudley the disabled duck walk again
21.01.2014 [15:07]
Dudley the duck who has only one foot, following an unfortunate encounter with a chicken, is walking tall today after being fitted out with a movable plastic webbed leg, thanks to 3D printing technology. Born August 19, 2013, Dudley was placed in an enclosure with some chickens at K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue
Bosnian Town Library Unveils 'Secret' Picasso
18.01.2014 [17:09]
A library in the remote Bosnian town of Kozarska Dubica claims it has an original work by Pablo Picasso, which they kept secret for years in order to protect it. A graphic piece by the famous painter Pablo Picasso, which was apparently kept secret for
Teeny tiny windmills can recharge phones
17.01.2014 [18:25]
A microscopic windmill could one day provide a portable method of charging devices: at just 1.8 millimetres at its widest point and able to fit 10 on a single grain of rice, the tiny machines can harvest energy from the movement of air. They are the work of research associate Smitha Rao and electrical engineering professor
Cancer survivors: Care for your body after treatment
17.01.2014 [16:21]
After your cancer treatment, as a cancer survivor you're eager to return to good health. But beyond your initial recovery, there are ways to improve your long-term health so that you can enjoy the years ahead as a cancer survivor
Apple to refund $36.5 million for children`s app purchases
16.01.2014 [21:42]
Apple has agreed to refund at least $US32.5 million ($A36.36 million) to US customers for children`s purchases from its online App Store without parental consent, US regulators say. The Federal Trade Commission said Apple also agreed to modify its practice - which until
Continental predicts sales growth of 5% in 2014
15.01.2014 [16:04]
German supplier Continental predicts a fifth consecutive year of record sales after deliveries of parking-assistance and braking electronics helped revenue rise 2 percent in 2013. Sales this year will jump 5 percent to 35 billion euros ($47.8 billion), the company said
Citizenship for sale: Malta sells EU passports for €650k
15.01.2014 [15:49]
Malta is selling EU passports for 650,000 euro (US$875,000) as part of a law passed in order to bring in cash and investment. It comes with the benefits of EU membership, including the right to reside and work in the 28-member bloc. The plan, which was approved on Wednesday, is expected to begin within a week.
20% cut in quota for foreign Hajis stays
14.01.2014 [16:53]
Saudi Arabia announced on Sunday that it would continue to impose a 20-percent cut in foreign pilgrims and a 50-percent reduction in domestic pilgrims during the upcoming Haj season. “The government will continue to request foreign countries to slash the quota of their Haj
2013 Record Year for Israeli Tourism
14.01.2014 [15:25]
Israel experienced a record breaking year in terms of tourism in 2013 according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. International tourist entries reached a record high, marking a 3% increase from 2012, as domestic tourism similarly
Australian science agency apologizes to little girl for failing to ‘make her a dragon’
14.01.2014 [11:11]
Sophie Lester, 7, asked the ‘lovely scientists’ if she could have a dragon to play with at weekends. The Australian national science agency has apologized to the nation after it was unable to
Newly translated Hebrew text on King Solomon's treasures
13.01.2014 [18:54]
A real life Indiana Jones has uncovered details about King Solomon's riches in a newly translated Hebrew text. But treasure hunters may have to wait a bit longer as, unlike the film ‘Raiders of the Lost
Thousands take part in annual Pier to Pub swim in Lorne, Victoria
11.01.2014 [18:38]
Sam Sheppard has won the 2014 Lorne Pier to Pub super fish swim for a fourth time, clocking in with a record time of 10 minutes 46 seconds. The women's super fish event was taken by Jess Walker from the Gold Coast
US bank pays billions for role in Madoff scam
08.01.2014 [17:01]
JPMorgan agrees to $2.6bn fine to resolve charges that its poor oversight enabled investment fraud by Bernie Madoff. The US bank JPMorgan has agreed to pay $2.6bn to resolve charges that its poor oversight enabled Bernie Madoff to defraud milllions of dollars in an investment scam that
Street Charge solar charging stations for smartphones
08.01.2014 [15:50]
Telecomms provider AT&T has partnered with portable solar power systems developer Goal Zero and Brooklyn design studio Pensa for the roll out of Street Charge public solar charging stations in New York. Each station is topped by PV panels that charge up a powerful internal battery to provide smartphone and tablet users
Poll: Most Americans support legalization of marijuana
07.01.2014 [17:12]
According to a new study, most of the nation thinks marijuana should be legal. In the poll, 55 percent of Americans surveyed say marijuana should be legalized. On the other hand, 44 percent do not support it becoming legal and 35 percent of people believe smoking marijuana is morally wrong
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